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FytoBooster Introductory Package results

Various vegetables

Here you can see a small roof garden at one of our customers. He placed a couple of plants on the roof of his barn in order to grow his own organic vegetables. All plants were grown in Fytocell mixed with potting soil and received Organic Fertilizer and Organic Immune System Improver. As the pictures show, the results were great. The customer stated his plants grew excellently and that the vegetables tasted great.

aanvang daktuin
The beginning of the roof garden. In the pots you can see the mixture of Fytocell and potting soil.
The kale is doing great
rode pepers aan plant
The red peppers are also growing well
oogst diverse groenten
A part of the yield
rode pepers oogst
Yielded red peppers
rode bieten oogst
Yielded beetroots

Various peppers

The customer who grew these peppers was a complete novice. She wanted to incorporate organic vegetables into her diet, but the organic vegetables from the supermarket were too expensive. So she decided to give growing them herself a try with our products. Very quickly she became very successful. She currently grows her own tomatoes, different kinds of peppers, various ornamental plants and more. She informed us her plants are growing excellently and that her homegrown vegetables taste much better than those from the supermarket. She also stated to have gained a lot of enjoyment from growing and gardening!

eerste groene peper
The first green pepper has formed
hete groene pepers aan plant
The peppers are growing well
habanero pepers aan plant
Even more peppers are on the way
hete groene pepers oogst
Yielded green peppers
groene pepers oogst
More yielded green peppers
diverse pepers oogst
Various yielded peppers

AH vegetable garden: sunflowers

An enthusiastic customer of ours here experimented with two different treatments for his AH vegetable garden sunflowers. In the left picture you see the result of the traditional growing method. The plants were grown in potting soil and received their required amount of water. In the second and third picture you see the result of our growing method. This plant was grown in a mixture of Fytocell and gardening soil and received Organic Fertilizer and water. The usual method resulted in fairly normal sunflowers, while our method resulted in a much healthier and firmer sunflower with a radiant flower head. A clearly noticeable difference!

normale ah moestuintje zonnebloem
Sunflowers grown the traditional way
fytobooster ah moestuintje zonnebloem
Sunflower grown with the FytoBooster Introductory Package
stralend bloemhoofd fytobooster ah moestuintje zonnebloem
Radiant flower head of sunflower grown with the FytoBooster Introductory Package

String beans

In this experiment we looked at the development of the string bean plant in different growing methods. We took one type of seeds and planted six of them in traditional coco plugs on one side, and twelve in our Fytocell Plugs on the other. You can see the the seeds in the last two rows in the propagator.

We prepared the Fytocell Plugs, like prescribed, in our Organic Immune System Improver. Also we watered the seeds in the Fytocell Plugs adequately and applied our Organic Fertilizer once a week. We prepared the coco plugs, like prescribed, in water. Also we watered the seeds in the coco plugs adequately.

The seeds that germinated in Fytocell Plugs were transplanted into potting soil mixed with Fytocell Flakes. The seeds that germinated in coco plugs were transplanted into potting soil.

The results: Out of the six seeds in the coco plugs, only two germinated (1/3rd). Out of the twelve seeds in the Fytocell Plugs, eight germinated (2/3rd). Also the seeds in Fytocell Plugs germinated much quicker and continued to grow much quicker while in potting soil mixed with Fytocell flakes. In the pictures you can clearly see the difference for yourself.

kweekbak experiment 1/3
The start of the experiment (1-2-2018): In the last two rows: to the left six seeds in coco plugs, in the middle and on the right twelve seeds in Fytocell Plugs.
kweekbak experiment 2/3
Nine days later (10-2-2018): The seeds in the Fytocell Plugs are coming through well and are growing much faster than the seeds in coco plugs.
kweekbak experiment 3/3
Twenty days later (21-2-2018): To the left the plants from the coco plugs transplanted into potting soil, to the right the plants from the Fytocell Plugs transplanted into potting soil mixed with Fytocell Flakes.