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Organic Fertilizer product information

What is Organic Fertilizer?

Our Organic Fertilizer is an organic, plant based and complete plant nutrition based on raw Aloe Vera extract. Its entirely natural and unique composition of 80% raw Aloe Vera extract, 5% seaweed and 15% micro organisms, provides your plants with all required nutrients for optimal development. Complete with all beneficial micronutrients, amino acids, plant growth regulators, enzymes and acids. Improves both the quality and quantity of your plants. With Organic Fertilizer you choose for larger and healthier plants in an entirely organic manner. Suited for all types of plants and on any scale.

The Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer accomplishes:

The best possible nutrition for your plants
  • Guarantees improved soil fertility. Ensures a soil rich in the best nutrients for all your plants.
  • Organic Fertilizer very effectively stimulates the plant root system.
  • Resulting in optimal absorption of all available beneficial nutrients, directly promoting plant growth.
  • Leads to a healthier plant with a strongly improved immune system. This enables the plant to more effectively suppress pathogens and be more resistant to unfavorable circumstances.
  • Results in a bigger yield with more nutritious crops. In an entirely organic and environment-friendly manner.
rode bieten aan plant
Beetroots growing well with our Organic Fertilizer

What does Organic Fertilizer concretely yield you?

Because Organic Fertilizer contains the perfect composition of nutrients, it improves both your plants’ quality and quantity. Firstly, this means your plants will grow larger and yield you more. Secondly, this means your plants will be healthier, leading to crops that are more nutritious, tasteful and even smell and look better. It doesn’t matter what type of plant you have or on what scale you do it: You will taste, smell, see and experience the difference yourself!

Organic Fertilizer has been used worldwide by many professionals and hobbyists with great success. See here what their results were.

resultaat organische plantenvoeding op tomaten
Sent in by a customer: left tomato plants, fed with Organic Fertilizer, right without.