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Make the best and the most of your plants with FytoBooster

At FytoBooster we have everything you need for the optimal growing experience. Our products are carefully selected to give you the best results in an entirely organic and environment-friendly manner. With our Introductory Package, containing the best substrate, nutrition and protection for all your plants, an effortless, fun and rich cultivating process is guaranteed. Count on nothing less than maximum growth and optimal health for all your plants, resulting in a rich yield full of extremely nutritious and tasteful crops.

Whether you’re a professional grower or a novice hobbyist, whether you’re growing strawberries, cucumbers or orchids, whether you have a couple of plants at home ur multiple hectares of land is not important: FytoBooster is the solution for everybody, on any scale and for all types of plants! Do you also want to make the best and most of your plants? Then order our Introductory Package right now! Or read our comprehensive product information and take a look at the results of our customers first.

aardbol met planten

Why FytoBooster?


Optimal growth

Our products are designed to make your plants grow as fast and healthy as possible. From seed to fully grown crop.

organische plantenvoeding substraat

Entirely organic

Our products are entirely organic and environment-friendly. Beneficial to the earth, your plants and yourself.

biologische groenten en fruit

Organic yield

With our products you grow your own extremely nutritious and tasteful organic fruits and vegetables.

alle soorten planten

For all plants

Cucumbers, tomatoes or sunflowers, it doesn’t matter: our products are suitable for all types of plants.

klein en groot

On any scale

A couple of plants in the window sill or multiple hectares of land: our products are efficient on any scale.

amateur en professional

For everybody

Whether you’re a complete novice or a professional is not important: our products are suitable for everyone.

Our products

Productfoto FytoBooster Kennismakingspakket
FytoBooster Introductory Package

Contains everything to grow your seeds into healthy full grown crops with rich yield.
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Productfoto Fytocell Plugs
Fytocell Substrate: Plugs

Separate plugs which form the perfect base for all your seeds and cuttings. Suitable for all types of seeds and plants.
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Productfoto Fytocell Vlokken
Fytocell Substrate: Flakes

Mix the flakes with your own potting or gardening soil to significantly improve the quality of your soil.
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Productfoto Organische Plantenvoeding
Organic Fertilizer

Entirely organic fertilizer, based on Aloe Vera extract and seaweed. Contains all the nutrients your plants need.
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Productfoto Organische Weerstandverhoger
Organic Immune System Improver

Entirely organic immune system improver, based on raw Aloe Vera extract. Protects your plants.
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