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Fytocell Substrate product information

What is Fytocell Substrate?

Fytocell substrate is a lightweight but very stable, sponge-like substance that makes the perfect soil for all your plants. It’s an aminoplast resin, solely composed of organic elements. Its open cell structure provides Fytocell with great water absorption capacity and air permeability, which ensures great air and water management. This leads to improved water and nutrient absorption by seeds and plants, which results in excellent germination and root development.

We offer Fytocell in two different types: Flakes and plugs. Both are suitable for all plants and on any scale.

The flakes can be mixed with potting or gardening soil to significantly increase the quality of your soil. But can also be used solely, without any soil added, as the base of your plants. Use a mixture of 50% potting or gardening soil and 50% Fytocell flakes for guaranteed results.

The plugs form the perfect base for all your seeds and cutting. Every plug has space for one seed or cutting and can be transplanted into any soil. To make the plugs ready for use, it is necessary to prepare them in a mixture of Organic Immune System Improver and water.

plugs met zaadjes in kweekbak
Plugs with seeds in propagator
plugs in pot met vlokken en potgrond
Plugs potted in potting soil mixed with flakes

Fytocell substrate on dutch television – english subtitles

Fytocell Substrate accomplishes:

The best possible substrate for your plants
  • Excellent oxygen availability throughout the entire substrate, even when fully saturated.
  • Excellent water management throughout the entire substrate. Retains required water and drains dispensable water at the same time. This prevents both oversaturation and dehydration of your plants. Also allows you to water your plants less than usual.
  • The excellent air and water management ensures a larger and stronger plant root system, leading to improved water and nutrient absorption. This results in larger, healthier and firmer plants.
  • Optimally retains available nutrients, allowing you to fertilize your plants less than usual.
  • Is also very stable at low pH values. This makes the substrate suitable for all types of plants.
  • Because Fytocell consists of organic elements only, it is completely biodegradable and environment-friendly.
  • In short: Provides you with a larger yield for lower cost. In an entirely environment-friendly manner.
uitstekende doorworteling plug
Excellent rooting in the plug
uitstekende doorworteling aardpeer in tuinaarde met vlokken
Excellent rooting Jerusalem artichoke in gardening soil mixed with flakes

What does Fytocell Substrate concretely yield you?

Because Fytocell greatly improves germination and plant root development while requiring less water and nutrients, you literally get more for less. First, you get larger, healthier and firmer plants, leading to a bigger yield. Secondly you save costs and resources. Thirdly, the biodegradabiltiy makes that you don’t have to worry about any decomposition. With Fytocell you choose for optimal efficiency.

Fytocell Substrate has been used worldwide by many professionals and hobbyists with great success. See here what their results were.

grote zonnebloem
Radiant sunflower, grown in
Fytocell and potting soil