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About us

FytoBooster has emerged from our love for plants, organic food and care for the environment. Our goal has always been to grow our own organic food as efficiently as possible in an environment-friendly manner. Without chemical fertilizers or toxic pesticides, but with organic products that are good for the environment, nature, your plants and yourself. After years and years of worldwide searching, from Druten to Bali and Aruba, we have conclusively come to the products that are available in our webshop right now.

While it all started with a personal need, quickly a lot of interest came from our direct surroundings and many more people became just as enthusiastic as we are. Because of the overwhelming results and responses, we decided to make our findings easily accessible for everyone through this webshop. Now it’s not only us, but also you who profits from the many advantages our growing method has to offer. At FytoBooster we stand for everyone’s health: nature’s, your plants’ and yours.

FytoBooster also provides vertical gardens under the name of Verticale Tuin Maken. Visit the website for more information.