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Scientific research

Aloe Vera as the best organic pesticide replacement

In 2013 scientific research was done regarding the effectiveness of Aloe Vera as a pest control agent. In an experiment, several organic pest control agents were compared against aphid on Canola. The experiment showed Aloe Vera to be the most effective. Aloe Vera offered Canola the best protection from aphid and generated the biggest yield. In the table the results of the research are shown. Here you can read the research yourself.

Treatment Aphid population per plant Yield per 2.5 m2 Yield per hectare
Tobacco 96.73 390 g 1560 kg
Garlic 153.3 286.7 g 1146.8 kg
Goosefoot 140.1 356.7 g 1426.8 kg
Aloe Vera 90.13 433.3 g 1733.2 kg
None 190.5 207 g 828 kg