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Organic Immune System Improver


Protects your plants from pests, vermin, pathogens and harmful insects. Extends the shelf life of your fruit and vegetable yield. Also used to make Fytocell Plugs ready for use.

Content: 1 liter



Our Organic Immune System Improver is a fluid Aloe Vera extract that is applied to leaves and soil to protect all your plants. Also improves the development of all your plants, extends shelf life of your fruit and vegetable yield and makes Fytocell Plugs ready for use.

The Aloe Vera plant is historically known to be very resilient and is never affected by any pests nor harmful insects. Because of its very strong immune system, the plant naturally has the ability to repel harmful insects and suppress pathogens. Organic Immune System Improver enables you to transfer the Aloe Vera immune system to your own plants. It protects your plants in an entirely organic and environment-friendly manner and makes toxic pesticides redundant. Suited for all types of plants and on any scale.