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FytoBooster Introductory Package


Contains everything you need for optimal growth from seed to yield.

The FytoBooster Introductory Package contains:

  • Fytocell Substrate: Plugs (1×77)
  • Fytocell Substrate: Flakes (50L)
  • Organic Fertilizer (1L)
  • Organic Immune System Improver (1L)

Please note: A propagator to place the plugs in is required.



The FytoBooster Introductory Package contains everything you need for an optimal growing from seed to yield. Specifically put together to create the perfect conditions for all your plants in an entirely organic and environment-friendly manner. Assure yourself a fun, rich and effortless growing process by giving your plants exactly what they need. Leading to maximum growth and optimal health and resistance of all your plants, resulting in a larger yield and more nutritious crops that are richer in taste. With the FytoBooster Introductory Package, you make the most and the best of your plants. Suitable for all types of plants and on any scale.